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January 7 1997 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.
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  4. January 7 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

The table below gives a quick reference guide to each sign, it's element, it's modality and it's opposite same colour. A persons Life Path, or Destiny , plays an important role in who they will be compatible with in a relationship. Adjacent numbers are considered opposites and are complimentary and compatible.

The adjacent number to 1 is 2. Therefore these two people would have very compatible life paths. The Personal Year gives us insight on timing for beginning new, long term, relationships or cementing existing relationship in marriage. A 9 Personal Year is not a good year to start a relationship as the 9 cycle is a time for endings, not beginnings. A 5 Personal Year is a highly dynamic and an unstable year. It is a year for freedom.


A relationship that begins in this year that lasts into the next 6 Personal Year would have a good long term prospect as a 5 year can bring new beginnings. In a 1 Personal Year the focus is on self and future amibitions, it is not a year for finding balance between ones self and another. As the Life Path tells us which directions our life will follow it doesn't tell us about the person we are.

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The path and the person are two separate things. From a persons name Numerology gives the Soul's Urge, the Inner Dreams and the combination of both these which is the Expression. For relationship compatibility this is as important to consider as the astrological personality traits.

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The same rules apply with the numbers. Study the meaning behind these 3 numbers for each person to gain insight into the relationship.

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Your January Numerology Forecast Will Reset Your 12222 Game Plan

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This website contains material which is owned by or licensed to us. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. You come across as serious and intense person, but it is all just the projection of constantly being vary of your surroundings.

You do not like unforeseen events coming your way. The easiest way you find life to be bearable is for you to somehow make your own rules and abide by them. Walking the fine line between the two worlds does make you logical and intuitive.


January 7 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

You do tend to use both but, finding balance between the two is hard. As no rules apply here, and you feel comfortable within your own set of rules. Expressing self is the only way you will feel comfortable in your own skin. But for that to set in you need to have faith in yourself and what you can do. Your obsession with what other people think of you comes from your intuitive sensitivity.

It is very important to surround yourself with positive people and environment that makes you feel inspired and calm, as you do tend to have very hard time to switch from injustice and negativity back to positive. And you are very fast to pick up on the negative, being able to tune into your surroundings and being sensitive enough to pick up the slightest negative aspect you detect, and than the more you wallow in the negative the more you find self feeling like you are useless in this place, and your mind goes darker by the minute which can be dangerous for your spirit.

You do tend to daydream a lot, and by doing so, you can find yourself drifting quite a lot, isolating yourself, ending up in the emotion of loneliness, which does sometimes make it harder to come back and reconnect with your group of people. But it is not always a bad thing, as you do have an extraordinary connection with the nature, and your imagination does serve its purpose when let loose to wonder wild.

Again walking the thin line between the two worlds, having a fascination with mystical, or the unexplained does not come as a big surprise. It is only normal to believe in afterlife and spirit, and all that comes with the other side. So many interests in the spiritual aspect of life, will for most of you stay on the back burner rather than pursuing the interest.

Developing self-confidence is absolutely one of the most important thing for those born on this day. And keep a firm grasp on who you are, as that is the only opinion that matters. Sure it is beneficial to an extent to know what others think of you, but it is definitely not a deal maker, or life changer. Live as you will, feel the happiness, feel your uniqueness and just learn to be! You tend to get very attached to people who are broad minded, as they serve your need as someone who understands who you are.

You can relate to them as their mindset is different and unusual. It does take you some time to loosen up in a relationship , as you tend to keep your guard up quite some time, making it hard for your partner to warm up to you, but once you learn to trust them, you are loyal and passionate partner. Fatigue and stress are a real problem in your health life.