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It will swing down, and so will the Dragon's head, causing the gem in the eye to glow on the scrolls underneath. Orange: Place a Yellow scroll and a Red scroll under the Dragon's head and click. Add to the inventory. Purple: Place a Red scroll and a Blue scroll under the Dragon's head and click. Now for the door, for which there is no key. But there are 3 panels and there are 3 scrolls in the inventory. Use the three new scrolls on the panels of the doors. The order seems to vary so this might take some guessing. Posted by: Chiktionary December 7, PM.

Decently done, only got stuck at the letter drawer, and feel no issue at having cheated on that one, as I wouldn't have gotten that. Do the bells make a sound that is useful to the puzzle solving? If so, I'd best wait until I get home for sound on my computer! I've used the chopsticks to get a single blue dragon.

I've also got six tiles. I've opened the right-hand drawer beneath the golden dragon, but none of the other code-locked things. I've seen the clue beneath the end table-- it looks like two goats facing one another, or something like that? I wasn't looking at the windows. I found a tile and another code which I used to get a red dragon up there. Does that have anything to do with the seven plates in my inventory now, or the Zodiac plate with all the years on it which I've already used in conjunction with a clue behind a pillow to unlock one drawer?

I note that the "rams" I mentioned in my first comment are actually oxen, but that doesn't help me much. I also note that one of the drawer codes required me to select three Zodiac symbols, but damned if I know which ones. Great game, nice puzzles, not ridiculously hard, but challenging enough!

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The puzzles had a logic to them, which i really liked. This was one of my favorite escape games. It helps that I only needed one hint from the walkthrough to finish.

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  8. I looked on top of the tall cabinet. I found another plate that's eight , a yellow dragon, and a code with six letters, which I used to figure out the three Zodiac symbols for the other drawer, which held a blue dragon. No idea on the four colored dragons or the four letters, though.

    Speaking Chinese

    I suspect I know three of the colors because of the lamps, but the fourth? I found the other yellow dragon it was out in the open the whole time. I also solved the four-letter puzzle the two oxen were a clue for it and got the last dragon inside it. I'm still stumped about the four colored dragons, and I've figured out that the lamps have nothing to do with it; they instead correspond to the six colored dragons I've collected. Which means I have no clues whatsoever for the colored dragons.

    The four colored bars over the dragon scrolls near the door are the clue for the colored dragons. I've got all nine tiles now, and used them to get the gem, which I put in the gold dragon's eye. I can't believe I managed to solve an escape game without a walkthrough!

    Note the picture of the oxen. Compare it with the ox's picture on the zodiac plate. Note that the ox on the left is in the same orientation, whereas the one on the right is facing the other way. You've got an ox and a backwards ox. What does that add up to?

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    The top of the zodiac plate was hidden by the inventory bar, which meant that I didn't actually see more than half of the "ox" symbol on the zodiac plate. How are you supposed to look on top of the tall cabinet? I click everywhere above it and nothing, and if I click the top shelf it just zooms in on the lower two shelves with the plates. Linnea: Looks like a design flaw to me.

    The plate is also obscured by the inventory bar for me in Firefox and Chrome both running on Ubuntu I totally missed the clue that relates to the obscured picture of the OX. Make sure you have javascript turned on, and wait for the page to load completely. On my rather cruddy DSL connection, it takes about 10 seconds before spoiler tags are functional. This game was a bit tough, but I managed to get through it without hints.

    The clues were well hidden. Did anyone notice a rather obnoxious bug in the sound where it seemed like it would randomly buzz at you? I have all 6 and I know that I need to combine them like the lanterns, but how? Thanks Chiktionary for a pre-weekday escape escape! I'd be happy to have a new one daily, really.


    I enjoyed that one. Quite thinky yet did not need to do math or make leaps in logic Even so, it was good although I was disappointed at the brief ending picture.


    How Lillian’s Feng Shui Books Changed My Life

    Tesshi-e has me spoiled for longer ending scenes. I can't continue otherwise. Can someone give me any tips as what to do because all I can do is do the first bit of the game collecting the plates on the first screen. Please can someone help me? With a combined effort of luck and luck, there was only one puzzle that beat me the lower drawer code four letters. So, consequently I liked the game :. I liked this game considerably more than Abroy's previous games. The puzzles made more sense I actually did it without a walkthrough , and there was far less pixel-hunting.

    talk Messi writing history books

    My biggest complaint: there wasn't enough variety in the puzzles. The bells and the plate you can move back and forth. They contributed nothing to the game that I could discern. I'm just of the opinion that if I can interact with something in a game, then it had better be important, or at least do something irrelevant but interesting like maybe the bells could ring a little tune.

    Maybe I'm just picky. I liked that some things--the bells, the moving plate--were there to interact even though they were not involved in solving puzzles. They acted a bit like red-herrings to provide a little extra challenge, keep me thinking. Now if Neutral had red herrings like that, it might make their games too hard, but I'd still enjoy the chance to interact with the environment to a greater degree. It would have been nice if there was some way- any way- to tell which clue went to which drawer without resorting to trial and error.

    What is the Chinese Zodiac?

    That being said, it was much better than the last Abroy game featured here. Leave a comment [ top of page ]. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games.

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